Youth Motivational Speaker to Nourish the Minds of Your Children 

Being a youth motivational speaker must be an extraordinary experience. Just ask Marc Mero...or maybe you, yourself are already a motivational speaker to the children in your own life...and you just don't realize it!

The subject of a motivational speaker comes up when attempting to engage children and the young people of today to improve themselves in ways not taught inside our educational institutions.  Many schools are seeking a youth motivational speaker to be booked at their assembly period and inspire and motivate the children enrolled.  A great one that I have found and listened to is Josh Shipp.  He has his own site and you can find out more about him in considerable detail

His main philosophy is to empower the youth of today to be the best that they can be.  He tells the children to strive to be their personal best. He suggests that young people stop using their background as to what has happened to them as an excuse not to do something or to quit but instead use the experience to make themselves better.  He says that when something bad happens we can become bitter or we can become better.  He further states that our own personal gift that eventually leads us to make money will sometimes present itself in moments of pain.  How profound.  A great man and a wonderful youth motivational speaker.

Another Youth Motivational Speaker

Another inspirational youth motivational speaker is Scott Backovich. He also has his own site and you can find out much more about him. He suggests that instead of just dreaming about your goals and wishing one day they will become true, to get up ourselves and begin to do something about it.  He states that dreams are as real as the actions we take on them.  He says that it is not about just words, stating what your dream is but it is more about the actions that follow your words.  First the word, then the action to make it all happen.  He tells the children to focus on the things that they can actually do right now instead of waiting for something to come to them in the future. 

This philosophy (written by Arthur Ashe) of: Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you pertinent to children as well as adults.  This simple step way of thinking is basic and necessary to all of us.  It breaks down and makes sense of the pattern necessary to achieve our dreams and goals. 

The lesson here is to begin with what you already have and know.  Once that is established then go further with what you can do with this knowledge and special talent you already possess.  This to me is something that adults as well need to learn.  Each one of us is unique.  We all have that something special that sets us apart from everyone else.  What is yours?  What do you have that most others do not?  What special talent or gift has been given to you?  The answer to this is the beginning of success.

We all have a dream.  What is yours?  The key is to follow the stated dream, the thought about and talked about dream and actually take a first step to make it happen.  The first step is not going to be that difficult due to the fact that it is only what you are capable of doing right now.  Take action and follow your dream.  First the dream then the action.  Our dreams will not amount to much and will become of no value unless the dreams are followed by action.  We all need to act now and step in the direction we were meant to be.  This applies to the youth as well as all of us.  We need to go in the direction of our imagined intended dream and follow the path shown to us in the light of soulful illumination.

As an adult, do you hunger for success?  Are you thirsty for prosperity?  What do the animals do when they are hungry or thirsty?  Do they wait and dream of a time to eat or to drink?  No, they act promptly and fill themselves with the necessary means to survive and thrive.  They find and drink water when thirsty.  They hunt and gather food when hungry.  They are in their own way successful.  If they did not, they would surely perish.  Do you want to perish?  I do not and I will not.  I will stand up and take action and survive and thrive most successfully.  What about you?  I have faith in you!  I want you to be hungry for a better life and find prosperity in your passion.  I want you to drink the spring waters of life (and the Motivational Milk) to quench your thirsty soul. 

The youth motivational speakers mentioned above are doing wonderful things for our children and motivating them in ways that maybe we as parents or teachers have not been able to.

Young and not so young, we have to take action and let our dreams reach a new level.  We have to rise above what has happened to us in our past and let it be the motivation to lead us to places we never imagined.

Now is the time.  Success does not wait for us.

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