Women Motivational Success Story...There is no Prince Charming here

You don't have to be female to enjoy a women motivational success story.  This writer has been educated by many history books in schools written by men, about men, and still received an excellent education to better myself as a woman.  The word "history" says it all, doesn't it?..."his" "story".  You now about to read "her" "story".  The following is a woman's tale of success, failure and then success.  This "trio" of: success, failure, success has played out several times however we will share with you with the best ones.   

One last thing necessary to say before continuing on this women motivational theme is that as you read this article remember that you too have a story to tell.  We all have our own personal tales, that when told, can inspire and bring new hope to someone's existence. The purpose of this article and this web site is to bring you to levels of success to fulfill a purpose only you can realize and execute.  Let's begin now.

She can rescue herself at MotivationalGoodReads.comShe can rescue herself at MotivationalGoodReads.com

She was running her own house cleaning business.  She was living in a three bedroom, two bath, single family home that she  qualified for based on the income of her successful business. She was also raising two daughters as a single parent.  She paid her mortgage on time, had all her other bills paid when due, and was able to bring her daughters to the local mall to buy the finest clothes and shoes, when needed.  She had money in the bank and in her pocket. 

Her young girls had their own spending money, as well, when they went out and did not want for anything.  They had wonderful food in the fridge: fresh meats, organic vegetables, fruits and cereals.  She made dinner each and every evening and they all sat down together to enjoy their evening meal and talk about the day. This certainly fits the theme of women motivational success stories, right? Just wait... 

One dark and stormy night (metaphorically, of course) that stands out in the memories of her mind was the time she stood in a church food line for over an hour with the homeless, the jobless, the destitute and the desperate.  She did this in order to obtain a box of free food to feed her children and herself.  A women's motivational success story it is not, yet.  

This food obtained from the local churches and was normally on the expired side.  The groceries obtained were the "throw away" food from the local supermarkets that were donated to these area churches.  All this said, she was still eternally grateful.

The town that this woman lived in had changed.  Major businesses that employed thousands of people had shut down.  Jobs were scarce and when available only paid the state mandated minimum wage.  People were not able to pay their mortgages and therefore fill the recessional sinkhole of foreclosure and bankruptcy.  This women motivational story degrades such at this time. Families were leaving her area and even the state to find greener pastures to prosper in and some kind of full time work that would pay enough money to support a family.  People were struggling to put food on the table much less hire someone to clean their home.   

This "failure" part of women motivational stories is where she learned a valuable lesson...in business, as well in life, we have to be able change.  She had to change herself, her business and evolve to even greater heights.  She was propelled to leave her successful and prosperous, until then, house cleaning business to pursue an even greater dream that awaited her on the heavenly clouds of entrepreneurship.

The place where she once prospered was urging her to move on, to take a risk, to plant a seed of prosperity somewhere else.  She desired a place where she could work a full time position or reestablish yet another successful business.  She wanted a place where she could earn enough money to take care of herself, her children and assist others in need.  She wanted to own another house and not ever worry about it being foreclosed on.  She wanted to prosper once again and give back to the needy who stood in the food lines with her.  She wanted to have money in the bank again.  She needed to buy fresh food again and eat the wonderful meals she was use to.  She did not want to worry about how old the meat was or if she had cut off the mold that had begun to grow on the fruits and vegetables, so gratefully received.

Basically, she wanted to start her life over again so she could show her two daughters that women's motivational stories like theirs are filled with ups and downs, but the key is to NEVER give up. 

This woman was being pushed away from a place of comfort onto other soils to plant her new seeds of prosperity. She went back to a place she felt happy and prospered on higher plains.  She changed her career to a "passion" of writing (articles and books) and has never looked back.  She is doing what she loves and is even more successful than before.   

How's THAT for a women motivational story?  It's all in how you handle it. However, the real important move was in her mind. 

Become a successful woman at MotivationalGoodReads.comBecome a successful woman at MotivationalGoodReads.com

Women Motivational...You Have to Rescue Yourself

Failures are disguised as spiritual teachings to align us on our purpose driven path.  Failures are not negative attributes, they are lessons that we are to learn in order to reach our ultimate heavenly purpose here on earth. Until we get to the place in our lives that we are meant to be, we will experience failures and suffering.

In summary, all women's motivational stories include ups and downs. Yet, all the so-called "downs" make all the "ups" even more delicious than the one before.   

Be the superhero of your own life.  Don't wait for that "prince" to come by on the proverbial white horse and carry you off to "happily ever after."  Make your own happy!  Be your own hero!

Prince Charming does not need to rescue me at MotivationalGoodReads.comPrince Charming does not need to rescue me at MotivationalGoodReads.com

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