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In discussing short motivational quotes, there are SO many inspirational world leaders with different belief systems that have spoken phenomenal words of wisdom. They are all quite impressive and deserve mention throughout our website. It doesn't matter where you are from or what your particular belief system is, we are all one human race. And it is to ALL of us humans that I address all of my articles. 

One of my personal favorite short motivational quotes comes from the ancient text of Exodus 3:14"I am that I am".  This short motivational quote is the most commonly used English translation of the response God used when Moses asked God for his name when he was standing in front of the burning bush.

Moses received one of the best short motivational quotes of all time at the burning bush.Moses received one of the best short motivational quotes of all time at the burning bush.

Let's think about this a bit more. Imagine yourself when someone asks you for your name and you were to respond in that same way...why can't we?  Why can't we become the "I am" that our Creator told us he was.  The truth is, we were all made in His image.  We are all the "I am" of our own lives. 

When God replied to Moses, "I am that I am"  or further translated, 'I am who I am" when telling his name, short motivational quotes like this inspire us that this is something we all have to emulate and strive for.  Who exactly are you?  Our Creator knew who he was.  He is, was and forever will be, the Great "I am".

"I Am" - one of the simplest short motivational quotes of all time.One of the best short motivational quotes of all time.

How Can We Use Short Motivational Quotes in Our Own Lives?

Are you a retail worker?  Are you in front of a computer all day in a tiny cubicle working for someone else?  Is that who you are?  My sister and I were both one of those types at one time or another in our lives and thought that it defined us.  It did not.  Those were just jobs we had at the time until we discovered who we really were.  Neither of us are in that field anymore.  We both have become the "I am" of our own lives and have pursued the dreams we each had been aspiring towards with great success. 

Another one of my favorite short motivational quotes is "Don't Quit" in which the writer Edgar A. Guest (1881-1959) says it best in his poem of the same title.  I have researched many successful people and all have the same philosophy of never quitting, to keep on until you succeed.  My sister and I did the very same thing.  Both of us were at a point of wanting to give up and just settling for the life we thought we had to take, until some kind of bright white light bulb went off in both of us that told us not to give up.  This "Don't Quit"  attitude brought us to where we both are today.

"Don't Quit"...what a great short motivational quote!"Don't Quit"...what a great short motivational quote!

When someone asks me who "I am", I know what to say..."I am a writer".   My sister also knows the "I am" of herself...she is a Webmaster.  Who are you?  Are you living the life you have always wanted and dreamed of? 

We are the "I am" of our own lives.  We can be whoever and whatever we want and choose to be.  The one most important thing is not to give up.  Do not quit! 

In reality, after thinking about these two short motivational quotes, no one can keep you from being who you were meant to be except for you, yourself.  No one forced me and my sister to stay years in a job we did not belong or even enjoy.  We did.  It wasn't until we were so brainwashed into believing the lie that the humans told us at the time were true, did we both just wake up out of the dream or should I now say nightmare and begin to question our own existence and beliefs.  It seemed like we were just about to go into the coma like state of always being someone's employee did we both realize the lie.  The lie was that my sister and I were not born to work for someone else.  Both us were born to be self motivated and self sufficient in our own careers and ways of life.  What about you?  The fact is that either you are a boss, an entrepreneur or you are someone else's employee working very hard and likely for not very much pay.  The boss you are working for is surely making tons of money, though it does not trickle down to you, does it? 

My sister and I just got tired of always barely making ends meet.  We just wanted to be happy and able to pay our own bills without extreme worry or concern.  We also wanted to have extra money so as to travel and give back to help someone else who may be in our old shoes.  What about you?  Are you living paycheck to paycheck? 

I am here to motivate and inspire you and I hope that discussing these short motivational quotes has helped you think a bit more about how great you truly are. I was where you may be right now and even worse off at other earlier times in my life.  I have many a story to tell.  Let us go on this journey together and learn from each other.  I am sure you have something of value for me, as well. 

In the end, we are who we are.  The great "I am" has been trying to tell us this all along.  We have a purpose and a reason for being.  Do not get discouraged because of what life throws in your way.  I have had some disasters and yet clung on to the words, "Don't quit" by the proverbial thin strands of a rope. 

Everything in life is a lesson.  It all comes down to these life lessons and short motivational quotes pushing you into the path where you will plant your seed of prosperity and grow to depths of greatness that you never imagined could happen.  I am here to tell you that it can happen.

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