Let Rumi Quotes Inspire Your Inner Song Bird

Rumi quotes have made significant impact on this world through this 13th-century Persian poets writings:

Why should I seek? I am the same as He.  His essence speaks through me.  I have been looking for myself.

While looking out my large picture window one early morning, thinking of the Rumi quotes I've read, I observed a flock of birds gliding down from the many large trees that shade my back yard.  As they flew towards the soil ground, I heard the singing and chirping of the seemingly happy feathered creatures.  They were coming down from their self-made homes in search of the morning's breakfast.

The birds were flying in circles, singing merrily, keeping a sharp eye on the grassy ground.  They all found something to pick up with their beaks, eventually, then back to the top of the branchy trees for safety and to feed any young resting in a warm nest, awaiting a good feeding.

Rumi Quotes:
"Let the Beauty of What You Love Be What You Do"

After my own breakfast, I saw the birds on nearby power lines, resting and bathing in the fresh morning sun.  Their songs continued and seemed to become louder as they sang to each other or even maybe gave thanks to the Universal Goodness that just filled their tiny bellies.

And...here, is the catcher, the apprehension of my intellect, as I now know it to be:

They, the birds, were happy! 

They were successful and prosperous; living in comfort and enjoying the pleasure of just being alive. I then started thinking of the many famous quotes like Rumi's that I have read in the past.

And...moreover, what they were not and did not, was to force themselves to get up and go to a place they did not want to go in order to toil excessively at a job they not only did not want to be, but that they dreaded the thought of the moment they opened their eyes after a peaceful night of rest.

And...then it hit me, a revelation so simple, just like many Rumi quotes, yet further from most human attainment; similar to landing on a planet in a different galaxy.  This concept, that the birds were born with, that we were born with, is the innate ability to follow our instinct.  This natural impulse in our animal friends is also intact in our human being, with the ability to look and feel inside ourselves; a stimulation in our body and soul, that will drive and lead us to the way we were meant and born to be.  This "gut feeling" as it is sometimes called, or soulful intuition, is natures way to show us how we are to live in order to establish prosperity, massive success and heavenly riches beyond our consciously mindful dreams.

"I want to sing like the bird sings, not worrying about who hears of what they think"
~ Rumi

Ah---the secret of the ages, the hidden concealed notion; removed from the soulful sight, kept from the knowledge and view of all.  The silent secret to all aspects of happiness is the singular, unadorned notion to follow ones inner calling, ones gut, ones innate song-bird dictating the melody we are suppose to follow in our lives.  The song of songs.  The ballad of you and me.  The key to success, prosperity, health and longevity. 

Follow your inner sparrow and soon the chain of songs will fill your homes, your lives, your families, with such joy and contentment as to literally fly your own soul to soar where others have only wished and desired in their daytime dreams surrounded by self-made misery established by the human condition.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

 - Maya Angelou

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