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Two Motivational Sisters
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Once upon a motivational time, some years ago, there were two sisters who were told to stand in front of a wooden plaque every morning before leaving for school and recite the "thinkable" quotes inscribed. The plaque sat in the foyer on a wooden table just before the front door. This motivational plaque was seen by everyone who entered or left the house. The inspirational quotes written were:

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

~ Napoleon Hill

"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength."

~ Philippians 4:13

These two sisters, one of which is presently writing this and the other creating and managing this site, were emphatically made (by their father) to read out loud this motivational quote every morning before heading out to school.  This began, as far back as can remembered, in grammar school. A child, at this stage of the game, being the ripe age of 9 or 10, had much more on their mind than to read and remember, a certain quote. However, this was their life!

Motivational quote by Napoleon Hill

Those younger years led the two sisters to their current and wonderful life today. Not always was a "wonderful life" embraced by the two. They had struggles, just like everyone else, to get to where they are. Their path was not paved with gold bullion nor was it an easily traveled road. The battle was real and it left behind motivational stories to be shared. Their desire: to help cure others dealing with past or present misfortunes.

There was, however, a huge helping hand that enabled the sisters to embrace their "gifts" and use them to eventually to become self-employed solo entrepreneurs and in charge of their present and future prosperity. This "hand" is called SBI (Solo Build It)...a virtual assistant for anyone (literally anyone) to create and become prosperous at an online work-from-home job. This phenomena took them step by step, by the virtual hand, to teach them how to recognize and utilize the talents that they already had to produce an online money-making business.

How They Did It...

One night, when the oldest sister got off work from a mega-corporate, giant, retail organization, she called her younger sister to ask how her day was. The oldest one had just completed a fourth year of "Black Friday's" at the "make-them-become-subservient" conglomerate retail store. 

"So, how was your day, Sis?" The response was similar in gesture whereas the younger sister was employed by a city government organization under the same oppressive thumb. They both embraced the same disgust with their miserable and meaningless jobs. In the conversation, though, the younger sister said that she had read about a certain online website builder for solo entrepreneurs. SBI, as she told her sister, was their way out!

The Motivational Game of Life, Continues

Solo Build It (SBI) was the ticket to a train that the two sisters never imagined would come their way. Yes, the sisters were always pumped with inspirational thoughts and quotes by their parents, yet, for some reason, things never went the way they imagined...until now!

The sisters jumped on board and joined SBI and became the leaders and motivational people they only dreamed of being. They set out to help others that are trapped in a world embraced by large, oppressive, corporations where a person is only a number on a small paycheck and the human factor has long been forgotten. These two women have put humanity back into their own "workplace" and embraced a life only dreamed of by most...yet now attainable to anyone!

SBI, as it is fondly known, has a simple, easy, 10-step program that teaches anyone who can read, a way out of the rat race that is now consuming the masses...and a way to create their very own work-from-home job.

Solo Build It!

Let us all break free, the way the two sisters have, and hold together an existence always available, yet, smothered by promises of certain "benefits" of working for someone else. These benefits do not come close to the loss of joy one has to endure in order to collect such certain promises and small paychecks. Their promises are lies told to us in order for us to forget about our dreams and in turn make "them" millionaires and billionaires.

Let us ALL join the SBI Solo-Build-It family and become the person we always knew we were. Let us find ourselves again and enjoy life to the fullest. We so deserve it and when we do, we'll tell those giant corporations who develop robots and automated machines that take the place of humans, "So Be It"...we don't need you anymore!

"So Be It...Solo Build It!"

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

 - Maya Angelou

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ALSO...just in case you were wondering...or want to do the same, I'd like to share with you how I built this website.

I stumbled onto the video below and it became very clear to me that I just had to try it out...or I'd never forgive myself for not trying!

And I'm so glad I did! Because it's the only reason that you found me here on the internet amongst the millions of other websites!

I hope this video changes your life in a positive way like it did to me...

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