Motivational Thoughts for a Lifetime of Abundance

Having motivational thoughts has brought me to where I am today.  I am eternally grateful to all the authors and poets who have inspired and assisted me on my journey to who and where I am now.  Prosperity and wealth are mine for the taking and I will share with you the motivational thoughts and personal inspirations that have guided me on my journey here on this wonderful planet.  I am where I am suppose to be.  Are you?  Below are some motivational thoughts to inspire you and lead you on your own prosperous path.  It all begins with one motivational thought, a simple "seed" thus planted.

Here are a few motivational thoughts for abundance that you can contemplate on and then begin to affirm:

  • Today I begin by planting the seed of prosperity.  The spirit of this seed of affluence fill my mind and soul with goodness.  This heavenly spiritual prosperity overflows into my life and into my business affairs.
  • I plant the seed of independence.  I will choose where I want to live, who I want to associate with and where or with whom I will share my good fortune.  This is the golden and yet secret key to share and spread the wealth.
  • I think prosperous, I talk prosperity and I know that I am successful.  I am that which I have always dreamed.  My thoughts have become things in my life.  I am who I have imagined and visualized myself to be.   I am happy because I say I am happy.
  • I am the captain of my own vessel and the master of my future fate.  I create and develop my own life with the aid of the One who has created me in His image.

So, how do we get this prosperity?  I will start with simple motivational thoughts for now and elaborate as we go along. To put it in basic terms, we can work for somebody else or we can be our own uniquely talented self and invent our own type of work or business.  When you work for someone else, your wages are pretty much set until the yearly raises are established.  When you work for yourself, you can ask whatever you feel your services or goods are worth.  You are in control of your money.  You are in control of how much you make and are allowed to increase your own salary according to your needs. 

Furthermore, the better you become at your work, the more people are willing to reach deeper into their pockets to pay you for your talents.

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The secret in managing and prospering in your own successful business is to ask yourself, "How much would I pay someone else for the services or the goods that I am offering?"  You have to be worthy of the services you provide or the goods you are selling.

While I was raising my children, I ran my own successful house cleaning business.  When I was doing research to start my business, I came across other professionals in my field who gave some sort of list as to what they will and what they will not do as far as cleaning a home.  I chose to keep it simple, to be unlike the rest of them.  I told my clients I would clean just about anything. I did not have a list.  I encouraged the client to provide me a list of what they wanted.  Some of them did not want everything touched or cleaned.  Some just needed help with certain things and since I charged by the hour, this worked out for both of us.  Keeping my mind full of motivational thoughts aided me in every aspect of my business.

Keeping things simple worked for me.  I wanted to be different. I wanted to stand above the rest and therefore succeeded.  I wasn't too proud to do any type of cleaning.  I did it because I wanted my business to grow and my bank account along with it.  I wanted a sound roof over the head of my family and decent food on the table for supper each evening.  I was successful at achieving both.

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So Which Motivational Thoughts Work Best?

The motivational thoughts I used in my mind when I started my own business were thoughts related to the seed of independence.  I did not want to depend on anyone to provide for me or moreover tell me what to do.  Yes, I have worked for others and have such learned the lesson so many of us fail to grasp.  The proverbial back breaking work and the tiresome grind of working from our neck down to accommodate someone else's prosperity is gruesome and non-productive.  When we work from our neck down, not using our minds, we will be paid less and our lives may become hopeless.  We have to break free of this and learn the lesson.  It is our mind that will get us out of where we are presently stuck and pick us up to our true and prosperous higher potential.

The business I chose at the time was a physical type of endeavor, however, I was in charge of when and where I worked and also how many hours per day.  I also chose my clients.  I had the good fortune to be able to pick and choose.  The ones who treated me poorly, I dismissed.  The ones who offered me coffee while I cleaned their home, I gladly and graciously continued.  The point is at that time I used my mind as well as my body to earn a comfortable living and raise my family under a roof that I owned.

Today I use my mind to the fullest.  I use motivational thoughts and positive affirmations that were planted in my mind as a child  by my father.  I continue those thoughts on a daily basis.

The seed of independence has served me well.  What about you?  Are you living the life you have always imagined?  Are you doing what you really desire?  Are you earning money the way you were meant to with your personal and spiritual gift?  Are you using the talents you were born with to make this world a better place?  I challenge you to become the best of you there is.  I challenge you to live your dream and accept abundance.

There is so much to think about and that is the biggest secret of think about motivational thoughts!   Thinking is what gets us where we want to be. Think and it shall be!

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