Motivational Success Stories

In time, motivational success stories play an important role towards success.

Today I begin by planting the seed of success in my mind so that I can become a participant in a soon-to-be motivational success story. The seed I have chosen is of my own decision, my judgment so reached, my personal verdict.  The seed I plant into the ground of life will sprout and yield my own desired crops.  The seed I choose to plant is the forever sought-after seed of prosperity.  I desire to be financially successful.  I want to do well, flourish, grow a business, make good, succeed and thrive on a level once dreamed of, now emerging as a physical reality.  

Where did I find this illustrious, celebrated, distinguished seed?  It was inside of me all the time.  It is in each one of us.  Each one of us has the seed of motivation, the seed of knowledge to use what we have to get what we ultimately desire. 

What do you have to do to get your riches?  The real question is:  What do you have to give in order to receive it?  What gift have you personally been given that people will pay money for?  The answer is buried deep within all of us screaming to get out, a piercing, shrieking cry from our own immortal soul. 

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"....each and every one of us was asked by our elders.  Ask any child right now and he or she will give you a very direct answer.  Ask a grown adult the very same question and see what result you get!  Are you living the life you have always wanted? Everyone has dreamed of being part of motivational success stories that can inspire others.

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The first step to motivational success, to prosperity, is to actually plant the seed.  The hardest part of the first step is to decide what seed to plant.  If I want tomatoes I have to plant tomato seeds.  I have to be sure of the seeds.  I can't just buy several packets of unlabeled seeds and throw them into the dirt in hopes that one of them is a tomato seed.  I have to be decisive and definite in what I want.  I have to focus on one thing at a time, be motivated and then take action to do what I can to achieve this goal.  I have to believe in myself and my abilities, know that I can do it, and live the life I have imagined.

What do you want to do with your life?  What do you want to become? What are your motivational success stories?  We all want riches. That's not the hard part, actually.  The challenge is to decide how we are going to get it.  Money is available to all of us.  You just have to plant the proper seed. The author Napoleon Hill put it best:

Whatever the Mind of Man can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve.

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Dreaming BIG with Motivational Success Stories

Do you dream of owning your own business?  Do you dream of owning your own beautiful home?  Do you dream of being debt free with lots of cash in the bank or under your mattress?  You have to plant the seed.   

I have always dreamed of owning my own business.  This dream did come true after years of working for others.  Do you enjoy helping someone else make lots of money for their business and at the same time pay you very little?  I don't!

In order to plant the proper seed, we all need to go back to our forefathers.  They did not have jobs, like we do.  Each one of them had their own spiritual gift, their own thing that they personally were very good at doing.  A gift from the Universe, a talent that impressed others or led to the betterment of the people around them.  Plant the seed of freedom like they did. Live your own motivational success story!

Do not assist these massive conglomerate corporations to make tons of money, help yourself to become rich.  What do you know how to do?  What special talent or ability do you have that you know you were born with.  A special something is geared and developed by the Universe, just for you! 

Do you want success?  Do you want prosperity?  Do you want all the money you need? 

I want my earthly spiritual inheritance from this great Universe, from the powerful Master of us all.  I want happiness, joy, good health, a long and prosperous life.  What do you want?  I want to give back everything given to me so it will multiply and forever be. 

The train of life continues to travel for me and I am on a journey.  When my train stops I will smile and say to myself, "Well done."  For I have left this world a better place.  I will say that I was the captain of my own ship, the conductor of my own train.  Where is your train going? 

Stay tuned for more, for I have just begun.  I feel like a young child, yet I have lived more than half of my expected life. 

I end by dedicating these words and thoughts to my mother and father, Rose and Emilio.

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