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Motivational Slogans have been something that has kept me going through some difficult periods in my life.  One of my favorite motivational slogans or sayings revolves around the philosophy of Carpe Diem, Seize the Day. The phrase, Carpe Diem, is of Latin origins and was used from the Roman poet Horace in book 1 of his work Odes (23 BC).  The phrase or motivational slogan expressed the philosophy that a person should enjoy his or her life while they can.  We never know what tomorrow may bring and today is the only day promised to us as human beings on this earth.  How many of you knew a person who was vibrant, alive and well one day and gone the next?  How do we know we will be here tomorrow?  Today is a gift.  Let's use it well.

Further illustrations of this philosophy can be seen from the poet Robert Herrick (1591-1674) who writes, "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may".  This was especially brilliant as seen in the movie starring Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society (1989) where he played the teacher John Keating and says to his class, "Carpe Diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary."  The movie was wonderful and something that is desperately needed in our times.  We need motivational slogans like these and inspirational entertainment to not only give us a splendid item to view but also inspire us to go on with greatness and live extraordinary lives.

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Are you at a place in your life where you would rather not be?  We all are at some point.  We just need to make the best of it, learn what we can from it and seize the moment to better ourselves and embrace the message that life is telling us.

Are you at a job that you are desperately trying to escape from?  I was several times, yet each one showed me something I had not seen before.  Once I took a job at a hotel cleaning the rooms after each guest vacated.  I never knew such hard labor before!  I not only had to clean to perfection, I was also timed to move at a certain inhuman type of pace.  I now know and deeply appreciate each time I book a room at a hotel and come back to find my room in a perfect state.  I tip generously and even wait to see the hotel cleaner to personally hand him or her my gratuity.

I stayed at the above mentioned position to prove to myself that I was physically fit enough to endure that type of work.  I left on good terms and with much appreciation.  It was a type of lesson to myself and I seized the opportunity to challenge my physical nature.

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One further example of how motivational slogans like Carpe Diem helped me is when I worked in a retail position dealing with unhappy customers.  This employment taught me tolerance and patience.  I dealt with irate and dissatisfied people who seemed to take all their worldly frustrations out on me.  I seized the opportunity to take myself out of the equation of misery brought to me and placed my being in a state of self-inspired serenity.  That was extremely challenging, to say the least.

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We all only have this one day.  Are you making the best of it?  How do you know that you will be here tomorrow?  I don't know that.  We need to live each day to the fullest and strive towards our goals and dreams.  Each day needs to count as a day further towards what we have always planned for ourselves.   

My father died too early in his 60's.  He was just beginning to pursue his sought after dreams late in his life.  He was well and vibrant one day and gone the next of a massive heart attack.  My father was a radio talk show host and a writer for a column in a local newspaper geared toward seniors, the last few years of his life.  He always thought he would live until he was 100 years old.  He never "dreamed" he would go in his 60's. 

My mother was another who fell ill too soon and did not live to fulfill her dream of re-establishing herself as a dance instructor.  In my mother's early 20's, before marriage and children, she was a dance instructor for Arthur Murray Dance studios in Massachusetts.  This was my mother's passion and she wanted to continue after raising her three children.  Sadly, she fell ill from diabetes that engulfed her feet and legs with neuropathy.  The last years of my mother's life, she was barely able to walk, let alone dance. 

We all have to think deeply about great slogans like "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may" as Herrick wrote and embrace our lives to the fullest.  What are you doing today to establish that?  Are you pursuing your dreams?  Carpe Diem to us all.

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