Motivational Quotes of the Day

Motivational Quotes of the day are something we all need with our morning cup of Joe.  When I pour the delicious black beverage from my wonderful orange coffee maker, I think of what else could be better than this moment right now. The smell of the dark, rich fluid as it pours into my cup overwhelms my senses and brings me to a state of euphoria.  At this moment, anything is possible for me.  Life is an adventure and I can do anything (and...yes, I love coffee!).

With all that said, here are some daily motivational quotes of the day, for each day of the week:

MONDAY"If you do what you Love, you'll never Work a day in your Life"  by Marc Anthony

TUESDAY: "I am thankful for all of those who said No to me. It's because of them I'm doing it myself" by Albert Einstein

WEDNESDAY"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined" by Henry David Thoreau

THURSDAY: "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going" by Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur

FRIDAY:"The best way to predict the future is to invent it" by Alan Kay 

SATURDAY: "The two most important days in your Life are the day you were Born. And the day you find out Why." by Mark Twain

SUNDAY: My Day of Rest by "Me" :)

How to Utilize
Motivational Quotes of the Day

All in all, these are among the many other motivational quotes of the day that should follow your cup of coffee.  Enjoy your delectable early morning beverage followed by some words of inspiration and motivation in order to rev start your day.  I jump out of bed every morning wondering what wonderful thing is going to happen today.  This very day is going to be extraordinary. I will make it happen!  Do you want the same thing? 

In addition to just reading the several motivational quotes of the day, there has to be some kind of "game" plan after you have digested the material.  We cannot just read the inspiration and say "that's enough".  We must have a definite plan of attack on how we are to carry out our mission that will eventually lead us to a victorious life.   

Do you want to work for someone else your entire life?  Do you want to take orders from someone who claims to be "superior" to you because that is his or her title?  Do you always want to be forced to answer to some "master being" who says he or she has a right to tell you what to do because of their job description?  Now, I am not talking about doing the particular job you were hired to do.  I am discussing the other parts of being in "servitude" while being an employee for someone else.  I am talking about, and yes, this has happened to me, having to ask to use the restroom and being told that you had to wait until the time was right.  I am talking about needing a drink of water and being told you are not able to get one because there are too many customers that need attention.  I am talking about basic human needs that some of these so called "bosses" think little of when it comes to us as individuals.

Motivational Quote of the Day: "I am free to work for myself and not be a servant to anyone" ~ L.K.DanielsMotivational Quote of the Day: "I am free to work for myself and not be a servant to anyone" ~ L.K.Daniels

I was a supervisor several times in various positions during my "work for someone else" life.  Believe me, when someone asked to use the restroom or needed a drink of water, I took over for them or just allowed them to go.  I felt their pain.  I treated them as fellow human beings and not as just some number on my employee schedule.  I treated them as I would want to be treated.  That is the key to life, isn't it?

If some of these corporations just put their employees first, they would not have to even worry about the customers.  Good employees who are taken care of will take care of the customers and the business!  Sadly, this world had turned into conglomerate corporate entities with little or no humanity existing.  Why don't we try to adjust this?  What can we do to fix inhumanity?  I will tell you:  It starts with you and me.  One person can change much in this world.  Let us begin!

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