Motivational Quotes About Life to Lift the Covers Off Your Sleepy Head in the Morning

One of the first motivational quotes about life that I think of when I first wake up in the morning is by the American investor Warren Buffett, "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die"

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This is something to think about!  How many of us have watched our parents work very hard at a job they were not too fond of just to put food on the table and then before they could enjoy their retirement, they left this world?   I did.  My father worked until the day he died at the age of only 68.  He died without the benefit of any pleasurable retirement years.  Watching him as I did, I vowed to be different.  I promised myself I would take the words of Warren Buffett and make money while I slept.  I chose to follow my passion of writing to accomplish this goal.  What are you going to do?  What are your plans?  What are your thoughts?

Another of the motivational quotes about life by Warren Buffett  is, "Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far".   This is so true, isn't it?  We can make our own way in the world and we can invest in ourselves to become the best we can be.  We are our own "knight in shinning armor" and are capable of jumping on that "white horse" and rescuing ourselves from a life of drudgery and poverty.

According to Wikipedia, the American investor Warren Edward Buffet, during the month of February of 2017, ranked the second wealthiest person in the United States with a net worth of 75 billion. 

Warren Buffett's motivational quotes about life are inspirational and thought-provoking. MotivationalGoodReads.comWarren Buffett's motivational quotes about life are inspirational and thought-provoking.

How Motivational Quotes about Life  Can Lift Your Bed Sheets in the Morning

So, how do we make money while we sleep and not have to keep working for someone else until the day we die?  There are books on this, however for now I will keep things simple.  The answer is to find something you know how to do and enable it to work for you.  That's what investors do.  They find something to invest in or do that will work for them when they are not working. 

The way I am doing this is by the written word.  I enjoy writing articles to add content to this site as well as soon to be self- publishing my written material and even some e-books. I can write during the day to make money then go to sleep and still be capable of earning income off my written word while I rest. This seems crazy, doesn't it?  However it is a concept well known to millionaires and billionaires and now it is known to YOU. 

Maybe you have a shop on Etsy with art work you have created.  You will have to work very hard for a long while but then at some point you can relax and just watch your business earn money.

Another way is to have people work for you, to buy or run a business and then one day be on some tropical island while your business runs itself. 

Sounds simple, yet this does require you to begin at some point, get up early every morning and work hard all day long to get to this position.  It may mean working 12 hours every day with no day off until you get to this place.  This way could take months or even years.  However, the pay off is that when you have reached the top of the ladder, you can sit back on the roof top of life and have drink with an umbrella sticking out of it.

Warren Buffett - smart man with great motivational quotes about life. MotivationalGoodReads.comWarren Buffett - smart man with great motivational quotes about life.

As Warren Buffet states in the above motivational quotes about life is that we all have to invest in ourselves as much as we possibly can and put ourselves first when it comes to finding assets.  We are our own best asset.  We can lift the bed covers up and off and begin our day with a definite plan of attack, a plan of action and have certain goals to be accomplished. We can jump out of bed every morning with a dream in our heads and a mission in our soul.

Let us all have the goal as we climb into our beds each night that when we awaken in the morning our bank accounts will have more money in it than it did the day before. 

Let us all get to this point and be able to enjoy our sunrise cup of coffee each morning knowing that all the days, nights, weeks and months of working very hard has finally paid off.  We have followed our dream and have taken the proper action to make it happen.  We are successful and living the life we have always imagined.  Let's make it happen.  You can do it.

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