Motivational Poems about Life
and your Job

While researching motivational poems about life I found this wonderful one by Dr. Seuss called The Lost Dr. Seuss Poem and the title of the poem is, "I Love My Job!"  You can read the poem in it's entirety further down on this page.  I would like to share part of it with you to enjoy.

 I Love My Job

by Dr. Seuss

I love my job, I love the pay!

I love it more and more each day.

I love my boss, he is the best!

I love his boss and all the rest.


I am happy to be here.  I am.  I am.

I'm the happiest slave of this Firm, I am.

I love this work, I love these chores.

I love the meetings with deadly bores.

I love my job - I'll say it again - I even love those "friendly" men.

Those friendly men who've come today,

In clean white coats to take me away!!!

This is just too funny!  Motivational poems about life like this one says a lot, doesn't it?  How many of you feel this same way?  Does it feel like you will lose part or all of your mind if you stay at a job that you do not love?  Luckily, I have managed to save what is left of my mind from the brainwashing effect of my past employment firms.  And I am happy to report that I am slowly regaining control of my mind by writing these articles! And it is my hope to save you, too, from what happened in Dr. Seuss's poem!

Dr. Seuss certainly knows how to write funny motivational poems about life and work! LOLDr. Seuss certainly knows how to write good motivational poems about life and work! Too funny! LOL!

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I have found more motivational poems about life with the writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  who wrote:

Are you in earnest?  Seize this very minute;

What you can do, or dream you can,  Begin it!

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Only engage and then the mind grows heated;

Begin, and then the work will be completed.

Motivational poems about life like this one speaks volumes.  This is how you can escape your drab state of being and embark on a purposeful journey to places you have only dreamed of.  It does require you to take the first step towards the accomplishment of your desires and dreams.  Do not waste the precious days of your life by saying, "I will wait for the right time" or "I will do it when I have saved enough money" or whatever!!! 

If you have a vision and a place you want to be in life, you must let go of fear.  You cannot stand still, you must begin.  You must take that first step like a baby does and move forward.  You must begin or nothing else will happen.  It all starts with the courage to say, "I will begin today."  "I will do it now."  "Money comes easily to my (empty) bank account and to the inside of my (hollow) pockets."  This is what all the successful people in the world have done.  You can do this as well.  I have put the words  "empty" and "hollow" in parenthesis due to the fact that when we make a positive statement these words should not be a part of the affirmation, even though at the time they may have been a fact. 

My sister and I did the very same thing I have mentioned above.  We took a bold step out and began to live the life we have always dreamed of.  I quit a job (while doing some of this writing) without having another job to go to because I knew I was on the right path and that the Universe would aid me and lead me to success.  I did the right thing.  I took a giant leap of faith in myself and chose the path not usually taken.  The Universe took care of me because I accepted it as fact. 

This is where greatness begins.  It begins with beginning.  You must start somewhere in order to achieve your goals.  It starts with one baby step and ends with victory, freedom and the wonder in life you have only imagined.  Now it will come to pass and you can have anything you desire so as long as you seize this moment and begin right now!  Your journey will have just begun yet your future will be filled with the seeds of prosperity and joy.  Isn't this what every human being desires, happiness and success?  Let it be yours!

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