Motivational Letter to my Younger Self

This motivational letter to my younger self is something I wish someone had said to me or read to me when I was a little girl.  I wish then that I had me now to talk with and console myself as just a little child with very little power and not yet developed wisdom taught from the hard knocks of life.  Through suffering and pain comes the prudence and fortitude needed to realize the beauty and wonder life has to offer.  This letter is for all genders.

Motivational letter to my younger can accomplish are awesome.Motivational letter to my younger self...

To the little girl that still exists inside of me sleeping soundly as I boldly conquer the world we both live in.  I want to tell you that I am sorry for all the hurt and hardship you were forced to endure.  I am sorry I was not with you then to protect you from the harshness and brutality of this earth.  I am here now little one and you may rest peacefully for I will always be with you.  I will be here watching you while you slumber.  Go to sleep my dear little baby and do not cry anymore.  I am now your sword and shield.  I will fight to the finish to protect you and keep you from danger.  I have grown up to be a formidable opponent for the evil doers.  I will battle to the end and I will win.  I will become the person you wanted to be and dreamed of becoming.  I will succeed in this life and I will leave this world a better place than I found it.  I will prosper and help others.  I will build my empire.  I will then one day take you with me to Paradise where we both shall become one again and I shall cradle you in my arms as we are brought forth into a place where wickedness and evil does not exist. 

Motivational Letter to my Younger Self continues

The above motivational letter is something we all can relate to.  I know that each and every one of you could say or write something similar.  I am telling you now that we live in a time when anything is possible.  We have huge opportunities with the massive internet available in order assist us and lead each one of us to new prospects and excellent career advancements. 

We have to be strong and bold.  We have to take risks and figure out who we can trust.  We have to educate ourselves in any way that we can.  Just because you do not have a college degree does not mean you are less capable of pursuing your dreams.  You are actually more capable due to the fact that college "teaches" you to work for someone else.  It does not teach independent and courageous thinking.  It keeps you in a box meant for the masses to generate employees to work for the rich.  You can either help someone else build their empire or you can build your own.

This motivational letter suggests that we all have to care for ourselves.  We all have that little child still inside of us watching as we conquer the world we were put into.  What can you do today to better yourself tomorrow?  What are your dreams?  What did the little child that now sleeps inside you want to be when he or she grew up?  Do you still want that?  If so, are you doing it?  And if not, why?

In keeping with the message of my motivational letter I need to write about my younger brother.  He recently informed me that he needs to have his knee replaced due to wear and tear from his lifetime employment of home improvement handyman.  The doctor actually told him he needed to find another line of work due to the fact that his damaged knee would not allow him to continue.

My brother's response to the doctor was that he thinks he can do nothing else.  He believes that the line of work he is in now is all he is capable of.  I am here to tell you and him that he is extremely competent and effectively able to do anything he would set his mind to.  He is an intelligent and accomplished human being.  Did he dream of doing what he is doing now when he was a little boy?  I was there with him and I tell you the answer is "No".  I think he "fell" into this line of work accidentally and just kept with it until now where his knee is no longer functional.

Motivational Letter to my Younger Self Finale

In closing this motivational letter article I would like to conclude with the fact that we all have the same "powers".  We are all made in a Supreme Beings image with the same capabilities.  Why aren't we using this?  Why are we settling?  Why don't we all just jump and dive into the world and the kind of work we have always dreamed of doing as a young child?

I will tell you also in ending this motivational letter article that we are all different.  Some of us are leaders and some would prefer another to take the foreground.  I am one of the leaders.  I do not want someone else to take me by any collar or leash.  The last time I worked for anyone else was many years ago and I am here to tell you that if by some chance of nature I was not able to continue as I am, being self employed, I would be forced to take drastic measures. 

If by some tragic occurrence I was forced to work for someone else again, I would escape to the woods and eat berries off the bushes. I would eat the bark off a tree and live in a cave.  I would eat raw fish from the streams and breathe the fresh air my Father has provided for me.  I am being extreme, I know.  I also know that as long as I live I will protect the little girl that lives inside of me with her eyes closed resting on a soft white pillow counting on me to be the best we can be.  Rest little one, I am here now.

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