Decorate Your Soul with Motivational Jewelry

Motivational jewelry seems unique and appropriate when we are on the way to a better life and need certain inspirational quotes to get there.  Motivational jewelry does just that in providing us with a favorite quote; keeping it near.  Upon searching for the jewelry pieces, Amazon has some of the most favorable ones.  It's amazing what some of the artists have done with positive affirmations and daily inspirations on these beautiful and distinctive pieces of jewelry.

My favorite motivational quote, "Carpe Diem", can be found in the form of personal jewelry.  Wouldn't this be wonderful to have with you all the time to remind yourself to "Seize the Day" and make the best use of your time.  I need this to remind myself when I struggle to make sense of what's going on around me.  I need to take what is good out of the situation and use it to my advantage.  Sometimes unpleasant events occur to keep us on the proper path.  Maybe we have slipped off our chosen way and need a boost to get us back on course.  Glancing down at some bracelet, pendant or ring from Etsy or Amazon can do just that.

Another favorite motivational jewelry quote, "She believed she could, so she did" is available at Amazon on different types of jewelry pieces.  Are you struggling to achieve something and need to remind yourself that you are strong enough and able to accomplish anything you desire?  I most certainly do!  I still have several goals not yet met and need something like this on my wrist to glance down upon to inspire and motivate my own self.

"I am enough" quote is available as inspirational jewelry and seems to sum everything up, doesn't it?  We are enough for ourselves.  We are enough to know what is good and what we want and need to do.  We already know inside of us what we are and that we are worthy as human beings.  We do not need anyone's approval to move on to the life we are imagining.  We can create the life we want and work in a field that suits our soul.  We need only seek our own approval and continue to realize self worth.  I am enough and you are enough!

Motivational Jewelry Dealing with Recovery

Those of us dealing with recovery can appreciate the motivational jewelry with the "One Day At a Time" quote.  I have personally thought deeply on this quote with regard to an eating disorder, Bulimia.  It would have been wonderful to of had this on a piece of jewelry.  I had this quote written on a piece of paper and hanging in my office.  It seemed to soothe me and remind me that I have only this one day to deal with in regards to my recovery.  I did not have to look at days to come or months and years ahead of me.  I just had to work at this one particular day and get through it the best I could.  I remember when in recovery, the walls of my therapists office were covered with plaques and signs of positive motivational quotes.

"Keep it Simple" was another motivational quote in my recovery - once on plaques and now on jewelry.  This one was a favorite reminding me that I was "allowed" to keep my daily food plans simple to avoid relapse.  I did not have to be involved in complicated dietary schedules.  I just chose the easiest and favorable food choices for myself and wrote them down.  This "Keep it Simple" quote also correlated to my exercise regime which consisted of wrapping my hands up in order to hit a heavy punching bag located in my garage.  This punching bag ritual became an enormous assistance to me in not only some kind of physical activity but also in expelling an enormous amount of anger I was feeling that lead to my "disorder".

"I am strong, I am enough"...what about you?"I am strong, I am enough"...what about you?

All in all, motivational jewelry is now available in many sorts of designs and creative body pieces. Enjoy the beauty!

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