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One of my favorite motivational bible verses is the story of Paul and Silas. In Acts 16:16-40Paul and Silas were seized, dragged into a marketplace, publicly beaten and placed into prison with their feet shackled.  As the story goes, they committed no crime and were unjustly persecuted.  That evening, they began singing hymns of praise to God. 

Later on, a violent earthquake shook the land and the walls of the prison were shaken so much they crumbled down!  The chains on Paul and Silas came loose and unshackled and the prison doors flew open!  Incredible, isn't it?  All from giving thanks!  Paul and Silas then walked out of their prison.

Motivational bible verses are a lesson to us all. Instead of focusing on the misery we find ourselves in, why not give thanks for the life we know deep down is already foretold to come.  If you find yourself, for example, in a retail type of position and desperately need a way out, focus on the outcome, not on the place you are presently.  If you have a plan, and you do indeed need one, focus your thoughts on that plan as your means of "escape".  

Thank God each day you go to the so called "miserable job" you despise. Thank Him for planting the seed of what your purpose is and giving you a mind in which to perpetuate it.  You must already see yourself doing the other thing in order to eventuate your "release".  You must see yourself already walking out of your own "prison".   

When I read the verse stated above, the first thing I thought of was that Paul and Silas already knew they were to be freed.  Do you already know freedom awaits you?  I do and it did!  I walked out of my prison and am now free to rejoice and fulfill my God given destiny.

Feeling Somewhat "Imprisoned" in Your Life? These Motivational Bible Verses can help...

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Maybe you work in an office environment and are shackled to a desk.  You know you are not suppose to be there, as Paul and Silas knew in the above motivational bible verse, yet you are still there.  Worse yet,  as you are shackled to this desk, the office staff who also are miserable with their lot in life, begin to gossip and spread rumors about you!  When they see you read things like motivational bible verses, they see in you a glimmer of hope, a shred of light that might allow you to free yourself.  They are jealous and want to stop you, or moreover, they want what you have.  They make your existence in that job extremely difficult and even threaten you with this or that.  The way out is to sing praises like Paul and Silas did in the motivational bible verse mentioned above...and already imagine yourself in your rightful position in life.  This will set you free and unchain the metaphorical metal shackles that bind your feet and ankles. 

I am not condemning any type of retail establishment nor any office environment.  They all have a necessary part in this world we live.  I am stating my opinion, since I have been involved in both.  Being so, I have realized that by reading and studying motivational bible verses, I remind myself of my true potential and calling and it does not involve either of those types of careers.  Also to be said, I am forever grateful for experiencing both for it taught me the lesson of where God wants me to be.

Are you fulfilling your birth given purpose?  You will know it if you think of the "work" you are doing as a gift and would continue to do this type of work even if you were not paid!  I would continue to write even if I were not paid for it.   You will also know when you are doing the "right" thing if you find joy in each and every moment.  You will awaken and the first utterance out of your mouth will be thanks to God. That's what Paul and Silas did in that motivation bible verses. Find your purpose and fulfill it.  We all have one.  What is yours? 

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