Motivational Artwork to Feed Your Hungry Soul

I have found some motivational artwork to nourish your hungry soul. I have the privilege to bring to this page a wonderful young artist named Marion Elizabeth Speake.  She has her own web site:  Marion is an established artist/painter in the state of Florida.  She travels up and down the state selling her beautiful and very colorful artwork at art shows and festivals.  She is one of the lucky ones who has followed her passion and is living her dream.  Marion brings to life vibrant soulful images that add wonder and beauty to any surrounding.

One special creative piece of motivational artwork that I particularly admire is an image of a white flower with the words: "Life is About Moments. Don't Wait for Them. Create Them".

This young artist already knows what her purpose is in life. What about you?  She found her passion while a very little girl and has been engaging herself to make her dream a reality.  She listened to her soul and has never been disappointed.  She does not let others "ruin" her vision.  When was the last time you truly listened to your heart...your soul...your purpose?  It's not too late!

Marion is the captain of her own ship.  She has created her life and fate is in the palms of her talented hands.  She knows, at a young age, what she wants to add to the world to make it a better place to live.  She adds beauty, talent and bold color to any room her paintings will hang. She is establishing her own future and not allowing someone else to write it for her.  She listens to her heart and hears the song playing in her soul.

More Motivational Artwork by the Young Artist Akiane Kramerik

Another young artist featuring motivational artwork is Akiane Kramerik.  You can find her on YouTube and she is the young girl who at the age of only twelve years old had painted what she said she had seen of "heaven".   She is the little girl referenced to in the 2010 movie, "Heaven is for Real".  Her portrait painted at only eight years old was entitled "Prince of Peace" and it is her image of Jesus.  This painting was featured in the movie. 

This is amazing, isn't it?  We can all gather from this painting that this wonderful child was born with this exquisite talent.  She found her special place in the world and is adding splendid inspiration and spiritual awakening with each piece she paints.

Prince of Peace 9" x 12" Fine Art Canvas Giclee with Jesus Featured As Verified By Colton Burpo in Heaven Is for Real Book and Movie

The above two young artists inspire us to believe in ourselves and know that we are enough.  We are all unique with special abilities and need to follow our own course and direct our future as do these girls.  We are the head master of our own vessel and are in charge of our journey.  Where do you want to steer your ship?  Which path of travel is your earthly vehicle heading? 

I am one of those who did not follow my heart and soul as a young child.  I let the distractions of life get in my way and cloud my existence.  I still have time, though.  I am not done!  I have just begun to follow my divine given purpose and I will let no one pull me back.  I will not go back.  I will drive and persist forward until I can go no longer.  I will persevere and succeed because that is my destiny.  I will be prosperous and independent.  I will live the life I had imagined and dreamed of at the ages of the girls above.  I have not wasted time, because I know that time is just an illusion.

We are all here for a short time and if you are reading this it is because you have not yet fulfilled your purpose. I think that as long as we are alive, our purpose given is still out there to be worked on.  Once we have finished fully satisfying our spiritual purpose, it is then that our work here on earth is complete.  It is then that we can sit back and say, "Well done". 

Do you know your purpose?  Some of us are brought forth on earth for only a few moments of life, a few days, a few years.  Is that their purpose?  I don't have all the answers, I just know that if your heart is still have work to do.  Find your work and find your purpose.  Maybe our purpose is just what we say it is.  How simple is that?  What do you say your purpose is?

Let us all get to work on our dream and take action to achieve our personal goals.  We can do it.  Let's do this together at Motivational Good Reads.

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