Motivational Art to Add Color to Your Life

Motivational Art adds illumination to life and we hope it will with yours once you have read this colorful article.

There was a woman who spent her early years reading inspirational material that her father had gathered around the house.  He would find books, magazines and posters to bring home to enrich the family.  One of these wonderful motivational pieces of art was a poster of the famous poem Desiderata.  This poem written in 1927 by the American author Max Ehrmann (1872-1945).  The poem's name "Desiderata" is Latin meaning "desired things". 

Motivational art - Desiderata.Motivational art - Desiderata.
Desiderata Poem By Max Ehrmann 11 X 17 Country Cottage Design

The motivational art piece poem began with the words "Go Placidly Amid the Noise & Haste & Remember What Peace There May Be in Silence".  Ehrmann was perceptive in his ideal of what life was like at the time he wrote the poem, as well, as how it will always be. 

This first sentence caught this woman's attention and she read and reread the poem many times over as she grew up.

She remembers asking her father  what the word "placidly" meant.  He replied, "to go peacefully without being disturbed by what's happening around you". 

She did not appreciate the meaning at the time since as child she was shielded by the disturbances of every day life and the people in it.  She now knows how divine these words are and what insight the poet had.

You can find the poem by Max Ehrmann on Amazon in it's entirety and purchase the beautiful art poster to view in your own home or office.  Amazon makes this easy!

Motivational art wall décor, posters, plaques, prints and framed art pieces can all be purchased at Amazon.  Several of our favorites are now available: "Follow Your Dreams", "I Can And I Will",  "She Believed She Could So She Did" and one of our best-loved by Henry David Thoreau, "Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams". 

This last classic inspirational quote by Thoreau is forever lasting and will never get too old to repeat or use.

Seems like people have always been dreaming of better lives and apparently desperate to attain them. We all need these written lines of words with us at all times in our own comfortable homes or in the place we spend most of our time, in our office...away from home.

(SJT94510) Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined. Henry David Thoreau  5" x 10" primitive wood plaque sign

Motivational Art featuring Steve Jobs

A wonderful piece found also on Amazon  features a motivational quote by Steve Jobs (1955-2011),  "Don't let the noise of other people's opinions drown out your inner voice?" 

This magnificent man knew the "Secret"  to success that all of us yearn for.  He found his spiritual gift, his special talent and ability and went on to change the world in which we now remain.  He was a business man, inventor and co-founder of AppleSteve Jobs  knew why he was put on this earth and used all he had to perfect his passion and grow to enormous success and fame.  Why are you here?  What are you to leave this earth with?  What special talent and ability do you possess that set you apart from the masses?  These are the questions that perplex most of us.   

Steve Jobs Inspirational Typography Quote Wall Poster Print Décor "Don't Let the Noise..." 8.5"x11" Print

An often written quote, "Carpe Diem",  Seize the Day, is also featured for purchase on Amazon.  This would be terrific to hang on a wall of an office environment or even in the classroom to encourage young students. Click here to see how a few young students turned their art passion into inspirational and motivational artwork.

We need to use whatever we can to get to where we need to be.  Inspirational art can aid us in our journey.  This inspirational support can add much needed color to our lives and our environment.  Let's use what we can in the way of acquiring these pieces of motivational artwork and hold on to them until we get to where we are suppose to be.  Only then can we hand them off to others struggling as we once did in hopes of the bright future that awaits each one of us in the earthly journey towards our spiritual destiny. 

The writers of this website want an enormous, spectacular rainbow of colors in our physical existence.  How about you?  If we are "stuck" inside of a house without the benefit of observing the blue skies, green grasses or flowered fields then we want wonderful art pieces on our walls.  Many of us prefer to be outdoors, yet we all need the shelter of our homes to allow us to rest.  Why not encompass your internal home to be vibrant with the pleasure of a motivational and colorful piece of art? 

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