Motivational Activities to Get you Pumped Up

While researching motivational activities, I came across the usual: reading positive motivational books, watching inspirational movies, listening to motivational music, etc.  These are great, however, I must add my own motivational activities to entice you to get pumped up in order to have the physical and spiritual energy needed to go forward in the pursuit of your own dreams.

Before listing my own personal favorites, a song keeps playing in my head as I write this.  This song I sang to myself many a time as I was working at a dreaded, miserable job while dreaming of a way to escape.  The song is by Lenny Kravitz released in December of 1998 and entitled: Fly Away

You can listen to the song in it's entirety on YouTube, but for now, I will just list the first of the lyrics that kept playing in my head while I was a subservient robot working for someone else and in turn, making them rich!

Fly Away... by Lenny Kravitz (1998)

I wish that I could fly
Into the sky
So very high
Just like a dragonfly

I'd fly above the trees
Over the seas in all degrees
To anywhere I please

Oh I want to get away
I want to fly away

As I write about motivational activates to get you pumped up, I remember working certain jobs and looking out at the exit door thinking of how easy it would be to just run out that doorway to freedom.  I felt trapped, confined and imprisoned.  I wanted to run away out that door, far away and never return.   Do you ever feel that way?  Then I thought to myself, "What is the worst thing that could happen to me as a result of my action?"  The only answer I could come up with was that I could possibly lose the wretched, minimum wage job I was employed in.  This was not a bad thing, however, I never found the courage at that time to do this.

Imagine the freedom I would have felt and the satisfaction that would have surrounded my being.  This is a feeling that some of our forefathers felt after protesting during oppressive times at jobs or factories that were treating the employees less than human.  Imagine the courage it takes to run (or walk) out the front door of your job in protest of dissatisfaction?  The state I was in at the time did not "allow" striking.  I would have been wonderful as a union leader back then.

My Motivational Activities to get you Excited about Moving Forward with your Dreams

My personal motivational activities that excited me were of the physical nature.  I enrolled in a martial arts class in my late 20's and stayed there for almost a decade.  This part of my life gave me not only the confidence to move gracefully and courageously toward my dreams but also the physical ability to back everything up.

There is something about hitting a heavy bag with your fists and feet that somehow relieves all the tension and stress you had to endure during the day.

I must stop now with these motivational activities and add the fact that I am extremely non-violent.  I abhor violence in any way towards humans and even more so towards animals.  It was just that the martial arts was a release and a way to build my confidence up to advance me the courage and mental clarity to pursue my dreams of happiness.

Even the actions of putting on the hand wraps around my fingers, hands and wrists were comforting.  I knew I was getting ready for battle, a mental battle with myself.  I enjoyed the martial arts tremendously and being able to "correctly" hit a heavy bag (to build technique as well as my muscle) was a sure fire way to get me pumped up.

Kung Fu, Thai Chi, or any Martial Arts are excellent motivational activities both physically and mentally.Kung Fu, Thai Chi, or any Martial Arts are excellent motivational activities both physically and mentally.

Staying with this same motivational activities theme of a physical nature, I must add in here another thing I did to not only keep my own self motivated but also to inspire and help others.

There was a job I had in a non profit organization that seemed on the outside to be satisfying.  Once I got inside the work environment, I noticed that in this particular work place there was this "female bully".  I was a new employee at the time and she had not decided whether or not I was prime to become one of her "victims".  I did begin to talk with the other women and they started to confide in me.

They told me stories of how this woman would not let them pass by her in the back room where we all had to go and work at some point.  She would force these women to go to the local fast food establishments to buy her lunch.  This woman would threaten these other woman with bodily harm if they "told" on her about certain items she was concealing in her purse (from the back room) during the work day without paying for them.  

While discussing these motivational activities, I need to add in here that this might sound like something that happens in junior high or high school, but these women were all in their late twenties, thirties and forties.

I listened to these many women and observed the "bully" and finally decided to take some action when in the lunch room with her one day.  I was about to sit down in the only seat available and she told me "No, you cannot sit there.  That chair is for my feet".  I stood there for a moment looking at her and recalling the stories the other woman had told me.  Then, it hit!  My confidence from the martial arts had come through and was backing me when I said to the bully, " Listen, if you want to start trouble with me, why don't you and I just take this outside in the back alley.  This way we can get things settled, just you and me."

In dealing with this particular of the motivational activities, I now want you to guess what happened next.

The bully woman looked at me with a serious look, then all of a sudden smiled.  She said to me, "I was just kidding with you. Have a seat.  I brought an extra piece of cake in my lunch. Would you like to have it?"

I sat down on the chair and ate my lunch declining her offer for cake.  I ate part of my sandwich, then began talking with her.  I had already "won" the battle thus far and wanted to include the other women in my victory.  I told her that I wanted her to stop bullying the other women and making them feel afraid.  I told her that I would be watching and that if she continued she was going to have to deal with me.

From that point on I checked back with the other woman periodically and they told me that this woman was no longer causing them any trouble.  She was just keeping to herself.  One strange thing that happened as a result of all this was that every time the woman would go to get her own fast food lunch she would bring me back an iced coffee drink.

In writing this article on motivational activities, I wish that the individuals who use intimidation to harm someone could be handled as easily as this one.  The main thing that kept me motivated was the fact that I could back up what I was saying to her.  And...the one fact about her, like most bullies, is that she could not.  She was using verbal intimidation to subdue her coworkers to get what she wanted.  She was actually, like all bullies, a coward!

I must add in here that eventually her and I did become friends and I discussed with her in great detail other ways to get along in the work place.

Why is this world the way it is?  Why do so many young children have to deal with things that we adults feel hard to digest?  Why do some adults still have to deal with the same childish actions at their place of employment?  Maybe these words on motivational activities can help.  I need to emphasize here that the tools that stayed with me was the fact that I did not have to fight at all.  My confidence and my words were my sword and shield.  She had no idea of my background and I never revealed it to anyone there.

What if we all just worked on our own personal self and strive for a dream only we know of and have imagined.  Why don't we use our energy building our own selves up and stop bring others down?  What a world we would have then.  Additionally, what if when we have developed and built our own empire, we then aid others to build theirs.  What an idea!  What a world we would be in then.  Is this only a dream?  Maybe, maybe not.  It is up to you and me.  We are in this together.  Let's see what we can do.

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