Motivation at Work to Lift the Caged Door of Your Rat Race

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When researching motivation at work on the internet, I found all the ways to make your miserable work environment more tolerable; how to get along better with your boss and how to cooperate more efficiently with fellow co-workers.  In other words, how to become a subservient, mindless robot or some inhuman, controlled, alien-like being from another galaxy without any traces of this rat race of life.  I have something different to offer you

Why do we labor and toil in a certain occupation that we actually have no real interest in?  Why, because we are brainwashed!  Google defines "brainwashed" as, "making someone adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure".  Is this you?  Has your mind been altered to fit into someone else's definition of what a worker should be?  Have you lost your sense of free will due to the fact you have to work for someone else and adhere to the policies and procedures described in some thick, never actually read, manual? 

Have you been brainwashed into believing that the only way to earn a living is to get a job and work for someone else?  Has your mind been so altered to only think of "those other few people" as having the capabilities to start and flourish in their own business?  Motivation at work is something the billionaires and millionaires know well.  They have learned the secret to planting their seed of prosperity and becoming successful.  They know what it takes.  Do you?

When writing this motivation at work article, I need to include the fact that some very large rats tried to systematically and often forcibly make me adopt their radical and divergent beliefs that I knew to be unjust and inhumane.  Google defines "inhumane" as, "without compassion for misery or suffering; cruel".  Have you ever experienced this?  I have many times in the rat race work environment while working for someone else to build their empire instead of focusing on my own.  I now build my own empire and I am the CEO of my own life.

Do you want to escape the rat race and follow your dreams?  Let us lead the way at MotivationalGoodReads.comDo you want to escape the rat race and follow your dreams? Let us lead the way at

More Motivation at Work to Free You...and the other trapped animals

I need to include in this article on motivation at work a reference to a previous written article since it did elaborate on the "inhumane" part of a workplace.  Please read my former article in this website entitled, "Motivational Picture".  It will tell you a story of a suffering animal and how it changed my life and the animal's for the better. 

Another important aspect of motivation at work is a story about one of my children.  I have a daughter who is already self-employed and self reliant at the young age of only 23.  She is a self made artist and I was accompanying her on one of her art shows while she sold her paintings. I observed her talking with people, engaging, attempting to sell her art while at the same time drinking an iced coffee beverage and biting on a sandwich.  To many of you this may mean nothing, yet to me, from my work experience, it was significant.  It was another turning point in my life that took me by the hand and lead me to greener pastures where the milk and honey flowed as did the green paper dollars into my bank account.

Not many of us appreciate the fact that we can have a drink of water at will.  Some times in a work place there is no such freedom.  I have had such the case as I am sure you have as well.  I had worked in a customer service, retail establishment where I was "stuck" in a spot with always a line of customers returning items or asking for assistance on one matter or the other.  All this time, sometimes up to four hours and fifteen minutes (I know the time because I clocked it one day), I could not leave my post.  I was not allowed to have water nearby and had to wait for a "break" to drink.  I know this "may" seem to you normal, however for me it was utterly barbaric since I was talking with people nonstop for all this time and did not have access to even a sip of liquid.  Sometimes, I would gather up enough spit in my mouth to swallow in efforts to relieve my dry scratchy throat. That's brutal, I would have to say.

All this said, I was in awe of my daughter who could, at will, take a drink and at the same time earn a more than decent living.  I knew I had to break free and get to a point in my life where when thirsty I could get a glass of water.  Can any of you relate???  I had to break the chain and the rat race cycle of always working for someone else.  I yearned for freedom in all aspects of my life. 

In ending this motivation at work article, I am telling you now that we all....that means YOU, have the power to lift up your own caged door in the rat race of your life and escape.  We have not only the power, but the absolute freedom in which to do this in our wonderful country. 

What do you think your purpose is here on earth?  I ask you this because your purpose is...exactly what YOU say it is.  You...create your own universe.

I am encouraging you to read more of the articles on our website, Motivational Good Reads, and discover how you too can gain access to the liberty I am now enjoying.  I need to add that my sister is the webmaster of this wonderful site and the  necessary half to our prosperity and success.  Writing is only one aspect.  Getting it out to the world is yet another, and that is where my younger sister comes into play.

I bid you farewell for the moment for I have much more to tell you.  I have the power and freedom now to enjoy a delicious strawberry banana smoothie made with coconut milk right now as I write this article.  Life is good for me and I want the same for you.  Stay tuned my friend.

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