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Free motivational books are now available to anyone. This is something grand for all of us since years ago this feature was not available.  We would have to go to the local libraries to read at no charge or enter a neighborhood bookstore.

I remember spending hours in the local bookstore attempting to read some of these books for "free" while drinking a very expensive cup of coffee.  Yes, I did buy a lot of books when the funds were available however, I just wanted to dive into the classics and get inspired by the great writers who have passed.  I did begin a collection of my favorite authors and titles little by little.  I have since had to whittle down my collection due to the fact that I was spending quite a bit of money on bookcases to hold them all. 

Take a peek at some of our free motivational books right here at"Books are the greatest thing mankind has ever done for itself" ~ L.K. Daniels

Getting back to the free motivational books now available, some of my favorite titles and authors are listed below for your inspiration and enjoyment.

I would like to add that we at Motivational Good Reads will assist you on your journey in regards to your personal enrichment and life learning skills via these audio books.  We want to add to your spiritual fulfillment quest and make things easier for you to access.  We will aid you to find these free motivational books with ease of effort. 

Books are the greatest thing mankind has ever done for itself.  We have preserved through the writing of books the thoughts and experiences of the great minds from centuries ago.  Not all of us need the paper kind to lead us on to success and prosperity.  Some of us just need that little lift, that someone speaking to us through one of the free motivational books to pick us up and give us that bit of wisdom we know we already possessed. 

Books are one way for us to see what is in someone else's mind and maybe gain some insight into our own.  Books take us to places we have not been before and allow us to experience life in a way we have not been able to yet.  They allow us to travel and experience adventure that some of us will only find between the pages of a good book.  Not all of us can go to Egypt, yet the books written can get us there.

Some of Our Favorite Free Motivational Books are...

Secret of Success                  by William Atkinson 

The Power of Thought           by Henry Thomas Hamblin 

The Science of Getting Rich    by Wallace D Wattles 

Thoughts are Things              by Prentice Mulford 

As A Man Thinketh                 by James Allen 

Tao Te Ching                         by Lao Tzu 

The words of the wise writers help us all to achieve the goals and dreams we personally aspire towards.  The great thinkers of yesterday are still here today though their preserves writings.  Let us all soar to greatness and achieve the success and prosperity in our lives that we deserve.  Let us all be the purpose we were put here for.  

I continually strive for success and prosperity and now that I have found it, I choose to give it back to the people.  One of our purposes here on earth is to be of assistance to each other.  We at Motivational Good Reads wish to be one of those for you. 

I encourage you to read something every day.  This is one of the traits of the very successful people.  They educate their mind and keep thoughts and ideas flowing.  Let's keep our minds sharp so we are able to excel to where we need and want to be. 

What is your favorite book?  Who is your favorite author?  What was the last book you have read or heard on audio?

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