Famous Quotes by Inspirational and Motivational Women

She was scrolling through a book one night, seeking famous quotes to help her overcome the adversities she was personally facing.

Laying in bed, exhausted from a 12 hour work day at a job she would rather not be involved with, she searched Netflix and found a movie-like presentation called, "Nanette", by the Australian comedian, Hannah Gadsby.

This presentation on Netflix, about life struggles and tragedies that many women endure, struck a cord in her being.  She decided to stop viewing herself as a victim and began the journey of female victory.

"There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself."  ~Hannah Gadsby

This now famous quote says it all about hardships suffered at the hands of another or just by life itself.  Some of us were born into misery and others have endured trials by the ill fate of circumstance.  The good news is that we can climb out of the chains that bind us and create a new world that leaves us with hours of joy and good fortune to be celebrated at the end of each day. 

What Can Famous Quotes Really Help?

She woke up the next morning after watching the presentation and remembering the famous quotes now playing and replaying in her head.  She was a force to be reckoned with before and now more so with her ammunition of words and thoughts.

"She remembered who she was and the game changed." - Lalah Deliah

She arrived at work the following morning and felt water dripping from one of her eyes.  She was not crying, yet fluid was leaking.  She didn't know what was happening until she sat down at her desk to glare at the black and grey computer screen.  She was so unhappy at her job.  She knew she was destined for more and had a dream.  The dream was far from where she was now sitting.

"Although her soul was crying from within, she was wearing that smile for the world." - Srishti

Yes, her soul was crying!  She was a creative artist and had visions of changing the world.  She had dreams that extended far beyond the computer desk she was shackled to.

"I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life." -Virginia Woolf

What is it we all yearn for?  Is it a place in this world that when we are gone, we are remembered for something great?  These famous quotes are a beginning of organization that only begins when we say we have had enough of the ordinary and desire the extraordinary.

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

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