Food Lines, Foreclosure, and Failures

The thought of failure is a difficult thing to think about. Today I am at a different place than I was a few years ago. Several years ago, I was running my own house cleaning business. I was living in a house that I bought based on the income from my business and raising my children. I paid my mortgage on time, had all my other bills paid when due, and was able to give to my girls all they wanted and needed. We had good food in the fridge, fresh meats, veggies, cereals. I made dinner every night, we ate together and talked about our day. Life was good.

Yesterday, I felt like a failure as I stood in line for over an hour with the homeless, jobless, destitute and desperate. I wish I were there to offer them jobs and food. Instead, I was standing in line WITH THEM…asking for a bag of free food for myself. What happened?

The town that I lived in changed for the economic worse. A major business that employed thousands of people shut down, jobs were scarce and if available, only paid the state-mandated minimum wage. People were not able to pay their mortgages and therefore, fell into the sinkhole of foreclosure and bankruptcy. People were struggling to put food on the table much less to hire someone like me to clean their house.

The place where I prospered is urging me to move on, to take a risk, to plant my seed of prosperity somewhere else. Sound all too familiar?

I want to prosper and then give back to the needy who stood in line with me. I want to have money in the bank again. I want to buy fresh food, eat wonderful meals. I am being pushed away from the place that I raised my children to other fertile soils to plant my new seeds…the old ones have sorely expired.

This failure is actually disguised as an opportunity to re-invent, re-establish and re-plant my new seeds of prosperity. I have learned from the past and I am ready to start on fresh new soil. The only way to succeed is to take your “failures” and make them your new steering wheel for the future.

Planting Prosperity in your own life is about taking the challenges that come your way and treating them like a little seedling...plant them in the fertile soil of your own positive thoughts and actions and watch them grow to a magnificent giant tree of success.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

 - Maya Angelou

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