Daily Motivational Quotes to Quench Your Thirsty Soul

While thinking of daily motivational quotes to quench a thirsty soul, a favorite inspirational entrepreneur of mine is a man named Joe Duncan He has a site called:  Before5am.  And yes, he says he does get up every morning before 5am to work on his goals, personal self and his future.

How many of us are willing to change our habitual schedule to gear it toward success and prosperity?  How many of us are willing to change anything?  We seem to be stuck in a pattern of self-denial and self-destruction that keeps most of us where we are today.  Why don't you leave that job you despise?  Why are you wasting your precious years on this planet doing something you hate? 

In writing these daily motivational quotes, I have picked out three from Joe Duncan's Before5am website to use on this article that have touched my soul and filled the parched yearning deep in my being.  I need to add in here that just reading these quotes will not do it.  You must read them, set down your own ideas/goals, then take action, if...you want to change your life.  We have to get out of our comfort zone.  We have to stop doing the same thing over and over again.  How do we expect to change our lives if we refuse to change?

The first quote by Joe Duncan, "Your unwillingness to work on your ideas during your free time is the reason why you have to work for someone else..."

What does this first of the daily motivational quotes say to you?  To me it says that we can no longer use the excuse that we do not have any time to reinvent ourselves and begin our own passion built life just because we have other things that we need to do. 

We all have jobs that we have to go to in order to pay the rent and bring food to our supper table.  Joe Duncan  is expressing the idea that even with all we have to do, we all still have some free time in our day to work on ourselves.  If we stopped watching hours of television in the evenings, this would free up that time to work on ourselves and establish our own personal dream and life that we have imagined.  His ideas are even better than that.  He prefers to get up each morning before 5am and work on himself.  He finds this time is better since not too many of us are up at that hour to interfere with him...call him....invite him to events, etc.  Not too many of us have parties before 5am to invite him to so as to interfere with his personal ambitious self work.

Daily Motivational Quotes continued with #2 from Joe Duncan

The second of the daily motivational quotes from Joe Duncan is: "Wake up and go to work on yourself before you go to work for anyone else...". 

This one got to me when I was still working for somebody else.  How was I to get to where I am today if I continued to get up each morning and just go to work for someone else? 

I had to make the time to invest in myself in order to get to where I am today.  Was it hard?  Yes, it was.  Was it worth it?  So, very much so! 

I was never able to get ahead working for someone else.  They controlled my hourly wages and no matter how good I was or how positive my attitude was each day, my pay remained the same until the yearly raises were established.

I decided to make every free minute I had available to work on myself  in order to make more than just a standard living wage.  I didn't want to just earn enough to pay my bills, I wanted more.  I wanted to build an empire!

Daily Motivational Quote #3

The third of the daily motivational quotes by Joe Duncan, "If it isn't going to make you better, wiser and wealthier remove it from your schedule".

Wow, this one is surely something that needs our attention.  However, it only needs to be attended to if you want more out of your life... more money, more success, more prosperity and more happiness (all of which include more freedom).  If you want to choose your own path on this wonderful planet and prosper in a way that is unique to yourself, then you need to do something different from what you are doing now. This, in turn, will give you the freedom we are all looking for.

With this last of the daily motivational quotes, I have managed to find all the time I needed to work on myself and my passion.  I don't even want to hear about your long day at work or the fact that you have children to attend to.  I have had both of these and still found time.  I was a single parent most of my children's lives and found time to work on my personal self.  I had to.  I had this raging fire deep in my soul that was about to erupt if I didn't change and commit to my own desires.  I was tired of working for someone else and being exposed to the oppression that goes along with it.  I was done!

What about you?  Are you tired of working for someone else and just barely getting by financially?  Are you doing what you love?  Are you following your dream and expressing your passion?  Are you ready to build your own personal empire and live the life you deserve to have?  Do you want to have your own personal fortune and never have to answer to another oppressive boss?  Do you want freedom?

I invite you to read all of my articles on this website and empower yourself on the road to success.  You deserve it!  Each article deals with a little something different and all put together make a great inspirational read.  Take your time and read the words. 

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