Become a Motivational Speaker with What you Already Know

How can you become a motivational speaker with what you already know?  I will tell you.  I want to ask you a few questions first. What have you been through that you could share with others in a gallant attempt to provide a service to those in need?  What do you know better than anyone else around you? This is where it begins.  This is where you begin!

You can become a motivational speaker with what you know.  This seems to be the first step in success in this field and have led many motivational speakers on the road to prosperity.  You begin with something you have a passion for or something you have been through and recovered successfully.  People seem to want to hear other's personal story to aid them with their own life.  It makes much more sense to have a recovering drug addict talk with those still suffering than to have someone who has never had an issue with drugs in the past.  The people suffering with addiction would seem to relate more with that type of speaker.

The key to become a motivational speaker is to have something different and unique to say.  This falls in line with the fact that each one of us has a story to tell.  Each one of us has a different and unique life that only we have experienced.  Yes, lots of people go through similar events, yet each one has a different story to tell of it.  This is what make each one of us a possible motivational speaker.

You also need to have a voice that carries with inflections and gestures needed to keep an audience's attention.  You need facial expressions and hand movements to keep people interested and focused.  I am blessed with the hand gestures aspect of this being of the Italian descent.

If you want to become a motivational speaker, do you have some unique life stories that you want to share with others?  Do you have a life philosophy that has aided you on the road to success?  Have you had something not so good happen in your childhood that you want to talk about with other children so the same does not happen to them?  There are many ways to start and many avenues to follow. 

What is your passion in life?  Do you want to share this with others seeking ways to establish the same type of ideal?  With all of this background in place, you also need to be able to talk in front of audiences and engage with the people in front of you.

Become a Motivational Speaker with What you Feel

The way I began this journey to become a motivational speaker just now embarking on fresh ground was to first write.  I wrote for many years and now for many months on this motivational web site.  It was only a little while ago that my sister, the web master of this website, came over to my house so we could have a meeting and gear up to our next article.  All of a sudden my sister pulls out her phone, points it at me and tells me to start talking.  I said, "What???  What are you doing?"  She replied, "I'm going to video record you talking about our web site and put it on YouTube."   At first I was very reluctant.  I did not have a script to read nor did I know what I was going to talk about.  My sister just told me to start talking the way I would to a friend that I was explaining our web site to.   And so I did.  She took three videos the first day, each about five minutes long and put them immediately on YouTube.

To become a motivational speaker is not as easy as it looks.  I was very critical of myself when I watched the videos since they were unscripted and unrehearsed.  My sister told me that television has made it popular for people just to be who they are on reality shows and still get popular ratings and followings.  This made me a little more at ease, I guess!  All in all I did have something to say and that is what makes or breaks us. 

When I was researching other motivational speakers who make a great deal of money, I noticed that they all had a special and unique background that made them different from all the rest of the speakers.   So as I was saying in the above paragraphs, to become a motivational speaker the real necessity is to be who you are.  How wonderful is this!  Also, the command of the English language is helpful since people give more credibility to you if know how to speak and are able to put your thoughts and feelings out there in a cohesive manner.

I invite you to watch my videos made at the spur of the moment without a script or forethought of subject matter.  I must come to my own aid and acknowledge the fact that I do have a passion for what I write and now what I say on video.  Isn't that what we want to read and watch?  We want someone with a passion about what they are doing so as to inspire us to the greatness of life that we all deserve.

One more thing about how to become a motivational speaker.  So...when your sister points a video camera at you unannounced and you happen to have your cockatoo  on the back rest of your chair, make sure you tell her to keep quiet during the filming.  My bird Snow  did not.  She was kind of bad during the taping.   However,  she might become the next film star.  Watch my bird Snow  and of course myself on these YouTube videos.

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

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