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The Worker

"Once upon a time there was a woman searching for motivational quotes while working at a job she despised. She chose the path of working for someone else over her dream because she thought it was sensible and secure. She was taught to play it safe and follow the crowd.

Once upon a time this woman realized she was desperately unhappy and misery was her middle name. Dark thoughts came upon her and the light of hope was no longer in her sight.

Once upon a time this woman read a certain book, and it changed her life. She pursued her childhood dream. She quit the job she hated and began to earn money from her passion.

Once upon a time this woman listened to the little child-like voice inside herself that whispered, "You Are Enough."

Once upon a time this woman smiled every day and she lived happily ever after.

The End"

Motivational Quotes Fuel Our Inspiration

The above story was written while the writer was searching for motivational quotes to lead her on a new path.  The writer's life was on a downhill spiral and she was desperately searching for inspirational words to enlighten her and become her metaphorical knight in shinning armor riding on the mythical white horse.

We use, in this website, motivational quotes to provide inspirational stories in order to establish a higher level of humanity. 

We are not waiting for someone to tell us the meaning of our lives.  We must indeed establish, define and announce what we say our purpose is to be.

The Cost of Freedom

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death," a motivational quote said Patrick Henry in a speech he gave in 1775.

What are we saying now? I think it goes something like this, "Give me a steady paycheck with benefits and I will forget about my dream and bury it in the massive graveyard of lost dreams."

What is the price of freedom to you? For me, it is everything I yearn for.  It is the freedom to choose the way I earn a living.  It is not being forced to work for those who control the mega-corporations and in turn help them in making more money.

I would rather work for myself in a field of my choosing and struggle, if need be, for a while, than have the "security" of a steady paycheck. The paycheck means nothing if I am not free.

Patrick Henry was not speaking of his job at the time but of his freedom to live the way he from the control of another. We can all relate. How much would you "pay" for freedom? It is a question we all must think about."

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Think on this one...

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision".
~Helen Keller

What a great example of someone who "saw" possibilities in life!  What her short video - click on photo.

Surround yourself with motivational words.Surround yourself with motivational words.