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All of our stories and quotes about life are true stories of regular real life people and events that have occurred (names have been changed).  They are meant to be a springboard for you to motivate yourself to succeed in work, play, relationships, etc.!

Many years ago while searching the internet for certain quotes about life, I recalled the story below. At that time, I was on a downhill spiral and was desperately searching for inspirational words to enlighten me and become my metaphorical "knight in shinning armor" riding on the mythical white horse.

I made the decision to stop waiting for someone else to tell me the meaning of my life.  I felt we must indeed establish, define, and announce what we say our purpose is and, in turn, what our dreams truly are.  Once we make that declaration, then and only then, can we start to realize and define our own path to success and happiness.

"The Worker"

He was dragging his feet towards the company timeclock thinking of the quotes about life that he read on the internet last night at his comfortable home.  He remembered his morning cup of coffee motivation that allowed him to make it to his miserable work in the morning.  By the end of the day, his body ached and his back was throbbing.  The bottom of each foot was swollen from standing up on his nine hour shift.  He scuffled up to the timeclock and punched out for the night.

He walked out the door and remembered one of the quotes about life that he had read by the famous actor and Martial Artist, Jet Li:

"You are killing yourself for a job that would replace you within a week if you dropped dead.  Take care of yourself."

He entered the parking lot outside the mega-corporation and proceeded to walk toward his car that was a football field away in the employee parking lot.  Each one of his steps felt like he was walking on fire.  He was approaching his vehicle near a wooded area when he noticed a woman opening up a large bag on the grassy ground.  He pretended not to notice her and continued towards his car.  He was thinking about the conversation he had with his boss earlier in the day when he explained that he was doing the job of at least three employees for the last couple of months during the pandemic.  He pleaded with his manager that the two extra jobs that were not his were taking a toll on his body...mainly his back and knees.  The manager responded "Jobs are hard to come by during this pandemic.  Be thankful you have one.  And if you are not happy here, there are 19 other people just waiting to take your place."

He recalled another of the quotes about life:
"There is no way I was born to just pay bills and die." ~ Anonymous

This was just what he was doing.  A noise came from the wooded area.  It was the cry of many cats.  They were heading towards the woman with a bag.  He approached the woman still wearing his work uniform and asked, "Are you okay, Ma'am?"  She turned to him and smiled.  "Yes, of course. I am just feeding the masses of feral cats.  Your customers must dump off unwanted kittens and cats here.  It's a shame."

She looked familiar to him so he asked, "Did you go to Daniels High School?"  She replied, "Yes, I did!"  "So did I."  He said.  "I remember you.  How are you doing?"  She said, "Well, right now I am keeping these abandoned kittens and cats alive.  I do, however, own my own company and work for myself.  I am doing very well!  I wanted to give back something, so here I am feeding this colony of feral cats."  "Wow, I wish I was self-employed, too.  I am so unhappy with the work I am currently doing.  This is not who I am."  The woman smiled as she was dishing out the cat kibble to the hungry bunch.  "I was where you are a couple of years ago.  I worked at your competitor across the highway.  I was miserable until one day while searching the internet, I came across a way to use my current talents to earn money online.  I've always loved to write, just never thought of it as a way to earn a living.  This particular website took me step-by-step and now I have my own productive and lucrative website where I write children's short stories about cats!"  He then recalled his favorite quotes about life by the author Napoleon Hill:

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

A light appeared in his head as he thought of his own talent.  "I've been an artist all my life just never thought I could earn a living doing what I love."  He asked the woman for the name of the website that she used to build her online business.  She responded, "S.B.I. which stands for Solo Build It.  It's a simple way to build a single-person online business that actually makes money and it enabled me to quit my wretched job."

More quotes about life appeared in his head.  This one by the author Marsha Sinetar:

"Do what you love and the money will follow."

And...he did just that!

He followed the teachings of SBI and in two months began to earn residual income from his art sales.  Within six months, he was earning the same (and sometimes more!) than his corporate job.  At that time, he gave his two week notice as he remembered the quotes about life from the great Wizard of Oz:

"You had the power all along, my dear.  You just had to find it for yourself."

"For You Can Render to Humanity No Greater Service Than to Make the Most of Yourself."

The Cost of Freedom?

Freedom - Stories Hold Our Cure - Thinkable Quotes

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"

~ Patrick Henry

What are most of us saying now in these turbulent times? I think our current thoughts and quotes about life go something like this, "Give me a steady paycheck and I will forget about my dream and bury it in the massive graveyard of lost dreams."

What is the price of freedom to you? For me, it is everything I yearn for. It is the freedom to choose the way I earn a living. It is not being forced to work for those who control the mega-corporations and in turn help them in making more money.

I would rather work for myself in a field of my choosing and struggle, if need be, for a while, than have the "security" of a steady paycheck. The paycheck means nothing if I am not Free.

Patrick Henry was not speaking of his job at the time but of his freedom to live the way he wanted...free from the control of another. We can all relate! How much would you "pay" for freedom? It is a question we all must think about."

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